Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn is an in-depth study based on the book by John C. Maxwell. It is designed to add value to your leadership by learning and growing along the way and engaging in the learning cycle of:

Learn it

Live it

Lead it

In order for this to have an impact and be effective, we not only need to learn the principles but live them and then intentionally lead them as well. John believes that “life’s greatest lessons are gained from our losses” and I couldn’t agree more which is why this study is so valuable.

In the 4 weeks we spend together, we will study how our losses can bring abundance to our lives and great opportunities for growth. By learning from our experiences, we are able to take our lives to a whole new level. We will be on a journey to examine what every human has in common; where we can all say, “I have been there.” We have all experienced disappointing loss on our own personal growth or leadership and how we have responded to those mistakes or slips in judgement has formed us. But no bad experience has to defeat us.

This 4 week Masterclass will light the path to a more fulfilling life by examining loss, not from the measurement of what we don’t have, but from abundance.

This is what we plan to cover in the 4 weeks together: How everything hurts when we are losing

Week 1:
How humility is the spirit of learning
How reality is the foundation of learning
How the first step of learning is responsibility

Week 2:
How the focus of learning is improvement
How the motivation of learning is hope
How the pathway of learning is teach-ability

Week 3:
How the catalyst of learning is adversity
How the opportunities of learning are problems
How bad experiences are the perspective for learning

Week 4:
How change is the price of learning
How maturity is the value of learning
How winning isn’t everything, learning is

If you are ready to turn your losses into wins, join us for this 4 week in depth study!

One-Time Payment of $149 + HST